‘Psychotic girlfriend’

May be to be called the psycho!

But why  psycho?

Who is a psycho?

The feminine of the changed century;

The lipsticked chatterbox;

The innocent expector;

The mystic child within;

The charming freak;

The glorifying jerk;

The charismatic spectator;

The angelic ghost!

Lullabic Queen,

Coupled by the Mesmerising Mr.bean,

Cursed as a Psychotic mean!

The prisoned beards,

Are the unwelcomed,

The narrow mustache,

Are the most hyperbolic caches!

It’s  being Psychotic!

The Psychotic disorder!


‘The wrong number’

Magnifying through the eyes, her teens just completed,

Bungeeing through the customed codes of her society,

Pedaling through her competitive scholars,

Steering through her broken roads of humanity,

Whistling through her symphonies of leadership,

Cradling through her daily deeds,

Evolved a she, carrying her ‘him’ the alongside,

Fractioned day and night,

Malfunctioned dawn and dusk,

Fractured noons,

Punctured PMs and AMs,

Wandering was her most oscillating moods,

Hoping for the rhythmic everyday tunes,

Polished glimpses of optimism,

Self couraging intonations,

Patted grown up was she,

Knowing the hoped Wrong Number!

Her wrong Number.